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About Sarah  

Sarah Drysdale is a visual artist working with colour, paint and clay on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.


Whilst drawing and painting were the focus of her early art career , Sarah’s art practise is now primarily in ceramics. Sarah’s ceramic work is distinctive for her decoration of the surfaces utilising the ancient ceramic arts of sgraffito and mishima. This practise sees her planning the designs and then drawing them on her wheel thrown pieces. Many hours are then dedicated to creating detailed designs on the clay surface with underglaze, paint brushes and stylus tools. This technique combines the creative processes Sarah enjoys most - drawing, painting and ceramics.


Sarah’s work is often inspired by plant life, most often flowers, leaves and wild grasses, and the small living creatures that surround them. She became a finalist in the North Qld Ceramics Award in 2022 and Siliceous Ceramics Awards in 2021.


Concurrent with her ceramic work, Sarah draws and paints with ink, watercolour and acrylic on canvas and paper, with occasional additions of texture with yarn and fabric, reflecting her former career in the fashion industry.


Formerly known as Sarah Therese, Sarah changed her surname to Drysdale in 2022, following her marriage to established ceramic artist and educator, Rowley Drysdale. You will often find Sarah and Rowley creating alongside each other in their studio at Quixotica Art Space in Cooroy.


North Qld Ceramics Award - Finalist          Townsville                                                                     2022
Siliceous – Ceramics Arts Qld - Finalist     Cooroy, Sunshine Coast                                            2021

Martin Hansen Memorial Art Awards          Gladstone, Qld                                                 2019/20/21

Quixotica Art Space                                        Cooroy, Sunshine Coast                             2019/20/21/22

Pop Up Art Exhibition                                     Cooroy,Sunshine Coast                                           2020

Lindfield Art Show                                           Sydney                                                                          2015   

Kings School Art Show                                    Sydney                                                                         2014

Kings School Art Show                                    Sydney                                                                         2013

Art for the Heart                                              Melbourne                                                                   2013




TAFE, East Coast Qld, Nambour, Qld                           Certificate III – Visual Arts                    2016

International School of Colour & Design, Sydney         Diploma – Surface Design                    2014

International School of Colour & Design, Sydney         Diploma – Graphic Design (part)        2013

International School of Colour & Design, Sydney         Certificate IV - Colour & Design         2012

University of Melbourne                                                    Bachelor of Arts                                       1978



Australian Wood Firers United         Vice President                                                        2019 – current

Noosa Open Studios                          President                                                                                 2018

Noosa Arts & Crafts Association     Vice President                                                                        2017

Noosa Open Studios                          Marketing Manager                                                               2017




Sarah held CEO and marketing positions in large companies across Australia & New Zealand, including Sheridan, Holeproof, Esprit, OPSM and Mambo. From 2005 to 2012, Sarah founded and ran her own fashion retail business, pink zebra, with 5 boutiques in Melbourne & Sydney, then sold her own label, YUM Cashmere, online until 2016.


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